My Story

My journey of expressing through voice has been a big one… Growing up I would regularly retreat to ‘tune in’. I found a power and connection in writing songs and singing that I didn’t have in every day life. In the outside world I felt very ‘different’. Being a highly sensitive creative in a culture where self-expression and sharing of ‘feelings’ wasn’t modelled or encouraged, it felt near impossible to give voice to what I was really experiencing and knew in my heart. I developed high levels of anxiety and very low self-esteem, as the gap between experience and expression grew bigger. When I was alone in nature songwriting or on stage however, I had a voice and felt most myself- deeply connected with Life.

The messages, lyrics and melodies that come through me when I write songs help me process life and bring healing and relief. Social anxiety totally dissolves when I can be and share my true self. (Then there is only the performance nerves to navigate!) This feeling of expressing my true nature back then and being heard gave me hope for a future I have been propelled to create ever since - one where we are encouraged to share from our Heart and support each other in being who we really are. I know that from my childhood dreams of being a singer to performing at festivals and being interviewed on radio etc. and now helping guide others in finding their unique voice too, this is my healing journey and my life’s work. It brings me so much joy facilitating the expressive arts and seeing the newer generations sharing their feelings and knowings so magnificently - it’s music to my ears!

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” - Carl Jung

Singing lessons

Explore your voice in a holistic and nurturing environment. Individual goal-focused lessons for all ages, with creative techniques to learn and expand your expression.

Women’s sing circles

Connect with other women and your own voice, singing simple songs and mantras together in a supportive environment. No experience or confidence required.


Special events, festivals, music for yoga classes, cafes, house-concerts- Melody’s performances bring people together and lift spirits.

Mantra Mondays (on zoom)

An opportunity to 'sing together' from your own home. Explore your voice without the usual inhabitions. Singing mantras (‘that which clears the mind’) is the easiest way to meditate, relieving stress and releasing feel good chemicals.


"I have had so many people tell me that they can really notice a difference and an improvement in my singing voice since I started lessons with Melody. She is a wonderful teacher and artist"

Charlotte Fraser, Senior Yoga Teacher and Integrative Sound Healer, Queenscliff VIC

"Melody’s knowledge and love for all things musical is obvious, as is the encouragement, care and patience she has for her students. I highly recommend Melody Moon.”

Damien Mifsud, Clifton Springs VIC