Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Producer


Australian nature lover and music producer Melody Moon 

just released a new video clip – ‘Home with You’

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                                                   Enjoy and feel good supporting Independent Australian art ♥

About Me

Merging two worlds with expansive forest-inspired vocals and powerfully produced beats, Melody Moon weaves wilderness onto the city stage. Her lyrical depth backed with live looped harmonies of local bird song and multi-instrumentation creates a style all of her own: One part ambient meditation class, to one dip in a folky ocean, shaken out with pop synth, dripping basslines and singing bowl percussion. "Catch Melody at one of her shows and be enlightened." - Tony Bates, Indigo FM
“Captivating…soulful…joyful…romantic. I love having Melody Moon play at Folk Rhythm and Life Festival because she really captures a mood and a vibe that’s perfect, and it brings peace, harmony and love to the audience.”- Bill Skermer, Folk Rhythm & Life Festival
Bill Skermer