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“Just wonderful”
Sophie Longden, ABC radio
“Beautifully descriptive lyrics and intricate composition… a really bright sound.”
Jessica Riley, Beat Magazine

“Melody woos her audience with her soulful voice, relaxed disposition and moving tone…fills your heart with love and respect for nature, life and those around you.”
Jennifer Deaves, Good Gabbles Magazine

“Captivating…soulful…joyful…romantic. I love having Melody Moon play at Folk Rhythm and Life Festival because she really captures a mood and a vibe that’s perfect, and it brings peace, harmony and love to the audience.”
Bill Skermer, Folk Rhythm & Life Festival

“Gorgeous performance…more honest and grounded than her peers can manage… it was over all too soon.”
David Hennessey, The Dwarf

 “She is someone to look out for in cosy local venues and at festivals in future ….a sweet singer of sensitive songs.”
Peter Dawson, Trad & Now Magazine

“Her tunes are like lullabies being sung to you by an issue of Frankie Magazine”
Rave Mag

  “Catch her on one of her tours/gigs and be enlightened”
Tony Bates, Indigo FM

“Melody Moon appears like a fresh breeze on Australia’s Alternative Folk scene. Her gentle voice floats tenderly on lovely melodies, weaving its way through insightful lyrics  that draw you out of the city and into a world of hope and wonder.”
Australian singer-songwriter Wendy Rule

Spheres Magazine

“A grower”- Tim Thorpe, RRR Radio

“Melody Moon’s Jeff Buckley-esque vibrato had me swooning as her deep music washed over us like the ocean” – Dave O’Toole

“The best voice in the world” – Dave Dorman

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