‘Wings Out Open Wide’ EP

OUT May 27th 2017 

Mixing elements of ocean, forest and city, this new EP features recordings from Melody’s solar powered van by the Great Ocean Road, and sessions from Oaklands & 2Hz Studios, Melbourne. Produced by 2Hz’s Joe Oppenheimer & Fahad Abdulaal, she ventures into new territory- from folk to indie to power pop…A unique and exciting new release that is bound to set you flying. Order on SHOP page, or out on Bandcamp & i-Tunes May 27th.


1. Wings Out Open Wide – main vocals- Oaklands Studios, harmonies – Melody’s van, keys – Joe Oppenheimer, production by Joe + Fahad

2. Stars – vocals – 2Hz Studios, backing vocals Melody & Joe at 2Hz, production Joe + Fahad

3. This is No Mistake – keys & vocals recorded in Melody’s van, guitar- James Fahy, production Joe, James + Fahad

4. Dance With Me – Vocals & Ukulele recorded at 2Hz, production by Joe + Fahad

5. Where the Forest Meets the Sea – Vocals recorded in Melody’s van, guitar + production- Joe

Down to the Sea ALBUM artwork front square for Amrap

‘Down to the Sea’ – debut album

Released July 2014, it features 12 tracks, written by Melody Moon, recorded and mixed by Peter Woodlands, mastered by Crystal Mastering. Guitar, double bass, cello, violin, ukulele and percussion. “A grower” – Tim Thorpe, RRR radio. “Just Wonderful”- Sophie Longden, ABC radio.


Available on bandcamp and i-Tunes also


carried away EP‘Carried Away’- EP 2012

This stunning EP features Moon’s honest vocals carried by cello, double bass, guitar, trumpet, ukulele and percussion. With a slightly stronger and wilder feel than ‘Little Hopes’, ‘Carried Away’ presents a rich and sophisticated sound, still containing those unique touches. Carried Away was launched on June 29th 2012 to a packed house at The Wesley Anne, Melbourne, and was well received “by an audience who clearly enjoyed this genuine, up-lifting performance”, BEAT Mag.

This six track EP is a sweet and captivating journey of letting go, coming back to nature and finding  our hopes. It captures a pleasantly unique sound and production sensibility with guitar, keys, glockenspiel and sounds from nature. The cover features Moon’s 1974 Kombi in which her songs were written, and sets the scene for an inviting journey ‘Out of the City’.